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Products for Intimate Care


Importance of Intimate Care


"Itchy vagina", "peculiar odours in vagina", "too much vaginal discharge", "having yellow leukorrhea", "dry vagina", etc. What intimate part caring problems have you ever faced? Some women always face the above hygienic problems in daily life. However, whenever they face problems related to intimate parts, they feel embarrassed and find it hard to say. Most of women ignore these problems and do not have deep understanding towards the issue. They believe it would be short-term problems which need not to be worried a lot. And this has caused nightmares for women, including vaginitis and other gynecological diseases. Therefore, women cannot ignore the problems with intimate care to prevent serious issues with health. Keep your intimate parts healthy.

Using women's hygiene products to relieve troubles coming from intimate parts


Girls face different troubles about feminine care every day, making us fidget. The habits in daily life of a girl, such as eating raw and cold food, wearing tight clothing and improper way of cleaning intimate parts, may lead to rub and moisten vagina. Rubbing of vagina may also occur, arising peculiar odours and itchiness. Particularly during menstruation period, girls use a lot of sanitary pads and toilet papers. Vaginas are covered by sanitary pads that full of bacteria for a long time, which causes stickiness. intimate parts may become dirty and we need to clean them. Thus, a lot of ladies think of using non vagina-specific cleansing products to clean intimate parts and relieve symptoms. Yet, if these products are used for a prolonged period, the acidity in intimate parts would become imbalanced, giving bad bacteria and viruses a chance to cause health problems including urinary tract infections and vaginitis. Therefore, ladies have to understand how to use vagina-specific products to prevent allergy, inflammation and pain while solving problems including itchiness and peculiar odours. Deal with the two major troubles in menstruation period.


Even when facing a doctor, girls need to handwrite their symptoms about their intimate parts and go through routine checking and appointments, which may be embarrassing and troublesome. We need to be aware of knowledge in women's hygiene issues. Using women's caring products correctly can prevent and improve women's hygiene problems. There are thousands of women's hygiene products on the market. Girls may be confused when choosing the right one. If girls face these issues, come and have a glance at our series of caring products. Our feminine care series are able to balance the acidity in your intimate parts, maintaining a natural protection for the survival of probiotics. Our ladies' care series composes of natural and non-irritating materials, providing low-allergen products for your fragile vagina. We have released different types of products of this series, providing different helps for intimate parts all year round. In case of having other problems related to women's hygiene, find us. Start understanding products and knowledges with relation to women's caring and choose appropriate products. Say no more to uncomfortable vicious cycle and say goodbye to hygiene problems.


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Q: How do I know whether there are available products on the website?

A: All our products shown on website are available. If only few quantities are left, the following quote, "Only 1 left in storage", will be indicated to prevent customers from missing the product. For goods that are out of stock, "sold out" will be indicated. If customers are interested in a specific product, please click the "notify me when available" button in order that we can notify customers the availability of goods through e-mail.

Q: After purchasing the products, can I have them delivered secretly?

A: All goods delivered from our shop are strictly and tightly packed. No identification are indicated on the external packaging while "daily necessities" will be shown on the invoice to replace the respective name of the goods. We promoise completely secret delivery from our hands to your hands. Privacy is of top priority.

Q: How do I send enquiries related to products?

A: Should customers have any enquires related to feminine care products, please send a message to our WhatsApp. We will reply to you as soon as possible.