There are a lot of tutorials about probiotics for vaginal use on the internet. Yet, a lot of girls still do not understand how to use correctly, causing damage towards vagina. How do I use a vaginal probiotics supplement? What are the possible reactions or side effects? Girls can lie on their back and put the capsule deep into the vagina. Do not stand up or walk so that the capsule can stay inside and it is done. If there are discharges coming out of the vagina after use, do not absorb with sanitary pads. Use tissues or wipes instead. Sometimes, girls' intimate parts may be dry. Putting the capsule directly inside with force would result in pain. If so, use a moisturizing capsule before putting the medical capsule inside.

Frequently Asked Questions about treatment of candidiasis

Q:Will I suffer from vaginitis if I suffer from candidiasis?

A:The intimate part of both male and female contains few candidiasis bacteria. Under normal circumstances, these candidiasis bacteria do not cause inflammations. Yet, if these bacteria increase greatly in quantity, an infection or inflammation will occur. If girls hesitate about whether she suffers from the same, consult a doctor for further checking and treatment before applying medical capsule.

Q:If I apply candidiasis treatment paste, will the health of my intimate part be affected?

A:Medical capsule or paste for treating candidiasis can relieve intimate problems including itchiness and pain. The quantity of harmful bacteria will be reduced but the health of female reproductive organs, such as ovary and uterus, will not be affected. If the treatment methods are ineffective and girls cannot fully recover in a long time, she may not be suitable for pregnancy.

Q:Can I ever fully recover from candidiasis?

A:In fact, girls only require a longer time to treat candidiasis. Apart from appropriate medicines, a hygienic environment with great daily living habit is also important. Of course, hormone secretion is also an important factor to consider. With the above conditions fulfilled, we can avoid having a stuffy environment for the intimate part so candidiasis cannot reproduce and we can fully recover from it.