FAQs about recommended spray products

Q:Am I suitable to use the spray if I have skin allergy?

A:Women with skin allergy are suitable to use spray. The composition of the spray is natural and safe. The acidity level (pH level) of the intimate part will not be destroyed. It is suitable for every user to relieve discomfort in our vagina.

Q:Can pregnant women use these sprays?

A:Our sprays do not contain components that are harmful towards pregnanet women. Pregnant women can use with reassurance. If there is any doubt, consult your family doctor before using the spray.

Q:Can I treat candidiasis and vaginitis with the sprays?

A:The sprays cannot treat or cure vaginitis. They act as assisting products and provides daily cleansing effects, reducing the chance of candidiasis.

Spray for Intimate Part

Essential for daily life --- Intimate Spray


"It's so itchy!" Most of ladies should have faced this problem that when going out, their intimate part suddenly become very itchy. No matter how we scratch it, either during crossing our legs or scratching directly, the itchiness still stays beside you. Ladies have already done their cleaning and caring every day. Why is there still problems in the intimate part when going out? This may be due to the prolonged cover and rubbing by clothes or the discharges and bacteria in the underwear. If ladies want to get rid of the above obsession and say goodbye to it, a bottle of highly-rated women's spray is needed to provide a natural protection for the intimate part. Let your intimate part stay in the best condition and no more itchiness when going out!

The thoughtful design of intimate spray allows ladies to put it in their small bags when going out to conveniently relieve discomforts of the intimate part. There's no specific time to use the spray. You may use it during hot weather in summer, as the intimate part may feel stuffy. Or you may use it to treat itchiness and peculiar odours during menstruation, after sex or after doing sports. Use the spray to provide a comfortable and fresh environment for your intimate part. This spray, in terms of cleaning intimate part, can be considered a great gift. It need not be used barehand so there's no worries that bacteria may come in contact with the intimate part and worsen the situation. Use the spray to relieve many kinds of problems in the intimate part without any worries.


Intimate Spray - Light Fragrance


When ladies go out, the strange odour coming from the intimate part often lingers, especially during menstruation period. The strong and strange odour is spread from the intimate part. It is a trouble that ruins the mood of the day. Ladies want to immediately deal with the trouble as they are afraid being discovered by others. Why don't using sprays to provide a clean effect for the intimate part? There are many types of fragrance of the spray, including natural fragrance such as body wash and body powder, and also delicate fragrance of flowers such as white flower and frangipani. The spray is the dedicated perfume for your intimate part to get rid of strange odour, giving off light fragrance. There are many types of fragrance of sprays, including natural flavours such us bathing and baby powder and light fragrance flavour such as white flower fragrance and egg flowers. It's just like possessing your own perfumes, solving the problems while spreading fragrance from the intimate part.

Furthermore, the spray contains extracts from plants that can neutralize the odour of the vagina. No need to worry that the odour from scent would mix up with the odour in the vagina to give off strange odour. Just spray your intimate part and there's no more trouble from the intimate part but only unique fragrance.


Choose the Best Intimate Spray


There are many choices of intimate spray in Hong Kong. There are two major factors to consider when choosing appropriate and high-rating intimate spray.The top standard has to be maintaining the acidity of the intimate part so that no harmful bacteria can be bred there.We also need to choose those mild ones that don't contain harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates and talcum. Protect your intimate part's health. No irritation for it. How do you use it? In fact, the method is very simple. Spray it onto a new piece of sanitary pad or underwear from at least 20cm far, or spread it directly onto the vulva. Ladies can repeat the above procedures to strengthen the cleaning effect while relieving the itchiness or odours. Provide our intimate part with a strong and transparent shield.


Ladies want to use this great product during going out. We also provide moisturizing spray for hair removal. Visit PM Care to choose a seris of product to enjoy a clean and fresh intimate part!