Feminine Wipes

First experience of using wipes


Ladies face a lot of intimate problems during menstruation period. They need to clean frequently to avoid these annoying issues. It would be especially uncomfortable when using toilet paper. The menstrual blood is often stringy and sticks to the toilet paper. Sometimes it also sticks to the hair around the intimate part, spreading blood everywhere, causing a "Bloody" mess. Apart from menstruation period, ladies face other types of intimate problems in daily life, such as the pressure from tight clothings or leggins, stuffy feeling due to the underwear and the stickiness from the discharges. When the intimate part is feeling unwell, it sends us a lot of signals, including unbearable itchiness and longlasting peculiar odour, causing us problems every day.


Some friends have the habit of using intimate wipes, they also invited me to use. At first, I was doubtful about it as there isn't much difference between ordinary tissues and feminine intimate wipes. The biggest difference would only be the moisturized part. But after using intimate wipes, I was completely surprised by how fresh it made my intimate part feel. It became cleaner and fresher like never before. I have no more problems with the stuffy feeling that caused itchiness and peculiar odour.

There are many methods of using wipes. No matter how itchy you feel, or whatever method you use, do not rub the intimate part too frequently and powerfully, because the outcome will be completely different from your expectation. The surface of your vagina will be scraped and the broken pieces of wipes will remain on the vagina. Therefore, try to press softly when using intimate wipes to replace rubbing, so that the intimate part will not be easily injured, preventing inflammation and pain.


Intimate wipes are much better


Everybody cares about hygiene when going to toilet. Some ladies face situations such as allergy and itchiness after using the toilet, but they have no idea about the reason. This may be due to the prolonged use of toilet rolls from public toilet. These toilet rolls are rough in texture, easily causing inflammation, pain and scrapes on the skin. That'w why you need to use intimate wipes. Meanwhile, ladies should not underestimate the harm caused by bacteria on toilet rolls. There are a lot of situations that cause bacteria to grow on toilet paper, including water stain, countless contacts with hands and toilet paper falling on the floor. The above unnoticeable situations will worsen hygiene problems and increase infection rate.

Therefore, ladies should use clean and anti-bacteria intimate wipes to replace ordinary toielt rolls. Intimate wipes enable your intimate part to maintain normal pH value and stabilize the quantity of probiotics, for you to clean your intimate part easily. We can also choose wipes with our favourite fragrance in order to curb the problem with odour while providing moisturizing effect.


Most of intimate wipes provide thoughtful design which considers the needs of ladies. They include small packs and independent designs, which will be convenient for carrying in a bag while going out. Discharges and bacteria can be wiped away anytime, giving you a clean and fresh intimate part. You must not be lazy in cleaning your intimate part. Use the recommended intimate wipes and choose the product that you enjoy, so that you can care for your intimate part anytime and anywhere. Say goodbye to these annoying problems!

FAQs about Feminine Wipes

Q:Can I use ordinary wipes to clean my intimate part?

A:By comparison with ordinary wipes, feminine wipes can relieve the itchiness and peculiar odour better. The professional components can maintain the balance of acidity in the intimate parts, also intimate wipes are alcohol-free and non-irritating, for you to clean your intimate part daily and have a refreshing life.

Q:When should I use feminine wipes?

A:Feminine wipes can be used anytime. When your intimate part feels itchy or has peculiar odours, you should use it as soon as possible. Also, you should also use more wipes during menstruation period or when you have too much vaginal discharges.

Q:Should ladies who have skin allergy use intimate wipes?

A:Intimate wipes include gentle and non-irritating formula and has passed several tests from gynecologists and brands. Intimate wipes are suitable for ladies who have skin allegry. Every body is unique. If feeling unwell after using intimate wipes, please seek medical advice.