Recommended products for removing intimate peculiar odour

Intimate deodourization, no more embarrassment!


Many girls spray light perfume to show their best side when hanging out to avoid the trouble from sweat. However, after a period of time, a peculiar odour coming from the intimate part starts spreading around. A strong and irritating odour appears, causing nuisance and embarrassment. Many girls are affected by the peculiar odour coming from the intimate part. They are worried that their partners or friends would realise the odour coming from them, and are even more worried that they may suffer from candidiasis. Many girls are diagnosed as no problems with their intimate parts, so why the peculiar odour appeared? Is there any method to reduce it? Let us discover what could arise the problems with the peculiar odours. Finding out the root of the problem enables us to change our bad habits and say goodbye to those unbearable odours and embarrassment.

The peculiar odours are closely related to our daily habits

Many ladies want to solve their problems with the odours. Most of these odorous problems are related to our living habits, including diet and hygiene. Hygiene is especially important to this issue. As girls may have the belief that "cleaning frequently leads to clean vagina", they might douche and rub their vagina too frequently, affecting the survival of probiotics. The quantity of lactobacillus is the reason for the peculiar odour in the intimate part.


Meanwhile, some girls neglect the hygiene in their intimate parts. They use inappropriate cleansing products to wipe their intimate parts, such as toilet rolls, specific wipes and sprays. Without adequate cleansing, the remained pee and discharges stay inside their underwear for a long time in addition to their sweat, breeding bacteria and leaving the intimate part with some peculiar odour. Besides, during menstruation, girls use tampons or sanitary pads for up to six hours every time. The discharges and blood on those pads leads to the breeding of bacteria, causing fishy smell. To avoid arising these peculiar odours, even when your discharges and blood quantity is very low, you have to change your tampons and sanitory pads regularly to control the spread of odours. Use our series of products to cleanse your intimate part and remove peculiar odours, such as sprays and talcum powder, so as to eliminate these problematic issues.


Correct method for eliminating peculiar odours

When mentioning the peculiar odours in the intimate part, how much knowledge do girls have? Girls always can smell their intimate parts. The odours can be classified into many different types, which includes good odours and bad odours. For bad odours, the vagina may smell like smelly eggs or fish, which are symptoms of getting infected. Please consult your family doctor and treat the disease properly. For the good odours, the intimate part may spread some strong odours which may disappear after a short time. During menstruation, after sex or exercise in summer, we might smell some musk, bleach or metal odour, which is normal. Even for normal odours, many girls still find it troublesome. Therefore, ladies can use our sprays to remove these unbearable odours and have good maintenance. Balancing the acidity in the intimate part is able to eliminate harmful bacteria while effectively remove these odours.

Using perfumes can remove these odours?


To deal with the unbearable odours, girls must think of using fragrance to cover it. They simultaneously come up with a question, "can I solve this issue with perfume?" Although girls want to neutralize the peculiar odours quickly and immediately, we should not spray our intimate part with ordinary perfumes because these perfumes contain alcohol and chemicals, which easily cause infections and allergies. Instead, they should use specific maintenance products for dealing with these peculiar intimate odours, such as sprays and cleaning gels, which do not contain harmful chemicals. Such products can effectively neutralize the odours coming from vagina while maintaining good health in the intimate part. In Hong Kong, there are many different types of products for neutralizing these odours. If you have no idea about how to choose appropriate products, come visit our shops and website for recommended products, including the Korean brand MISMIZ and Summer's Eve series. They can be used anytime and anywhere. Convenient for you to care about your intimate part. The natural fragrance and spices in our products let your intimate part spread fragrance while quickly improving the odour problems.

FAQs about Deodorization Products

Q:How do I correctly clean my intimate part after using the toilet to remove the peculiar odour?

A:Ordinary girls wipe from the front to the back or from the back to the front. They can also use toilet paper to sop up remaining pee by slightly pressing for 5 to 10 seconds. This can prevent harmful bacteria from spreading peculiar odours.

Q:Is the problem with peculiar odours related to the acidity (pH value) of the intimate part?

A:When there is peculiar odour in the intimate part, the pH value is imbalanced as the intimate part would be alkaline, causing harmful bacteria to breed in the vagina. To deal with this problem, we have to maintain the acidity of the intimate part between 3.8 and 4.5 so as to prevent peculiar odours.