Intimate Care Probiotics

Intimate Care Probiotics - Kryptonite of Candidiasis


An American medical research discovered that over 70% of ladies suffer from vaginitis every year. When ladies are infected by vaginitis, the itchiness and peculiar odours annoy and embarrass them a lot. If the vagina was interfered with daily habits, such as daily routine, hygiene and diet, our health might be harmed by factors including excessive discharges, stuffy intimate part and lack of hormones, which could affect the acidity of the vaginal environment and decrease the quantity of probiotics. But what is the actual purpose of intimate care probiotics? Is it better to have more probiotics in the body? Where can I buy it?


Both good and bad bacteria exist in the intimate part naturally, most of them are harmless to the vagina. A majority of the bacteria inside a vagina is probiotics, especially lactobacillus. Under a moderate acidity environment, probiotics occupy over 95% of the ecological niche. Only a few pathogenic bacteria, such as candidiasis and escherichia coli will survive. The probiotics of intimate part can suppress and stop the breeding of harmful bacteria. The probiotics of intimate part occupy spaces in the vagina and stick to the surface to stop harmful bacteria. They become kryptonite of these harmful bacteria and prevent bacteria enter and leave the vagina freely. Also, they can prevent bacteria infections in vagina by maintaining the balance of bacteria in vagina.

Want vaginal health? Probiotics can help you

Many ladies are doubtful and ask us whether all probiotics can solve the problem about relapse of inflammation. Not all types of probiotics can deal with issues related to vagina. For example, the strain of probiotics specific for the gut cannot treat intimate problems. Prolonged intake of wrong probiotics not only wastes money and time, but also fails to balance the acidity of the intimate part. Therefore, ladies should choose appropriate probiotic products to maintain probiotic balance in vagina. We always say "misfortune comes from our mouth". We should never take pills and medicines without consideration. Look at the information carefully to find appropriate products for yourself.

Probiotics for intimate part - maintain the natural acidity

When the intimate part faces harmful bacteria, it always spreads peculiar odour and causes itchiness, or even pain that last for a whole day.To deal with the above issues, there are two common products of probiotics: pills and vaginal gels. Probiotic products do not contain harmful ingredients and can be taken safely. The mild and gentle formula enable the intimate part regain its original acidity, increasing the quantity of probiotics to suppress harmful bacteria and prevent infections.


Take probiotics supplement daily - repel harmful bacteria


Ladies are recommended to take probiotics supplements for sufficient probiotics in the intimate part. Supplements contains 5 different beneficial bacteria, which brings up to 10 billion probiotics to maintain vaginal health.

1. Enhancement for immunity defense: The pills are able to increase body immunity, and repel harmful bacteria and microorganisms to prevent infections and malignant tumors such as stomach ache and urinary tract infections.
2. Effective bacteria killer: the pills absorb bacterocin, vitamin K and anti-lactobacillus to control the growth of bacteria and lower the chance for inflammation and infection.
3. Balance and maintain the acidity of intimate part: absorbing digestive enzymes and Vitamin B to facilitate the breeding of probiotics inside vagina and maintain appropriate amount of probiotics.

Probiotics suppositories - balancing lactobacillus


If ladies suffer from the relapse of inflammation, they can apply suppositories for vaginal use after completing treatment from doctors to maintain stable and balanced acidity while increasing the amount of probiotics to maintain balance of lactobacillus.Probiotics inside vagina form a protective barrier to prevent the inflammation relapse. For ladies who are also taking other medicines but do not want to increase the number of pills, they can choose to use suppositories and put them inside the vagina to quickly deal with inflammation. Are you still annoyed by inflammation relapse? Probiotic products provide both care and treatment. Come and find PM Care. We provide a series of probiotic products for you to keep healthy!

FAQs about Probiotics for Intimate Part

Q:Do I need to store the products in a refrigerator?

A:Girls need to follow instructions as shown on the package to correctly store the products. Store the products in an indoor dry place. Avoid humid and hot environment. Do not store the products in a refrigerator. Girls should also be aware of the expiry date for a healthy vagina.

Q:Should I take the supplements before or after a meal?

A:We do not recommend taking the supplements either on an empty stomach or before going to sleep, as it may lower the effect of products. Thus, girls can take the supplements after dinner with warm water, which is the best moment for reducing side effects.

Q:Am I not able to take probiotic supplements if I am currently taking anti-biotics?