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Recommended intimate Part Care Products

Little things about caring intimate part


For girls, handling problems related to their intimate part is the most unbearable thing. Itchiness and peculiar odours are the most common issues that affect their daily life. If girls have not handle abnormal issues related to their intimate part, they could suffer from candidiasis and vaginitis. Before discussing correct methods for cleaning our intimate part, let us take a look at what you may have ignored.


No abnormal phenomenon of the vagina is more apparent than the colour of vaginal discharge, which is an obvious reflection of the health of your intimate part. Leucorrhea is usually transparent, colourless and odourless. The quantity of discharge will increase during menstruation period, which is normal. If leucorrhea is in the state of yellowish green colour, bubble state and rotten odours, the intimate part is infected. The next is the worsening of vaginal issues. Some girls faced problems including itchiness and peculiar odours before, but if they become problems in our everyday life, coming together with inflammation, burning and pain, they would be abnormal phenomena for their intimate parts. Girls must not ignore caring their intimate parts when facing the above abnormal phenomena, please care the intimate part properly to prevent infections. In recent years, ladies put more emphasis on intimate part care, their awareness of intimate part care is gradually rising. More girls start shopping online for different brands of intimate care products to reduce the chance of infections and suffering from gynecological diseases, maintaining the health of their intimate part. PM Care provides all types of intimate care products together with detailed explanation and brand information. You can easily find the right product for yourself, effectively resolve all types of problem related to the intimate part, relieve itchiness, dryness and prevent infection. Your intimate part health relies all on yourself!

Friendly reminder about cleaning intimate part


Is it recommended to clean your intimate part as many times as possible to keep it fresh and clean? When facing issues related to cleansing and care of intimate part, some girls use all kinds of methods to clean their intimate part and relieve uncomfortable symptoms. What methods do you use to clean your intimate part? Are they effective? Girls adopt non-irritating cleaning methods. Normally during a bath, they use clear water to wash and clean their intimate part. This is considered a daily normal way of cleaning. In case of menstruation or excessive amount of vaginal discharge, some girls also use daily cleansing products to wash and clean their intimate parts. This one-time whole-body cleaning method quickly and conveniently washes every part of the body. However, the alkaline cleansing products will harm the originally acidic vaginal environment, so girls should not use body soaps or body wash to cleanse their intimate part too often. Our recommended correct method of cleansing is using intimate-part-specific cleansing liquid and wipes. They can prevent harmful bacteria from entering our intimate part and remove dirt from it. We can then have a clean intimate part. Maintain proper hygiene in your intimate part. Say goodbye to infections in your intimate part!

Vaginal care --- all you need to know


When I browsed through websites about vaginal care, this phrase, "I always use clear water to douche my vagina", was found. The aim of such act is to maintain a clean and dry intimate part, but such thinking often backfires. In fact, vaginas can clean themselves. When we clean our intimate part, we do not need to douche the vagina too frequently. If necessary, use maintainance products with pH value similar to the vagina.


Girls may have their intimate part cleaning and care at specific time, especially in swimming pools or beaches, during menstruation after intimate interactions with their partners. After these specific periods, girls may feel uncomfortable and unclean as the bacteria remain in the vagina. They also opt to stratch their intimate parts directly because of the unbearable itchiness. Some thick dirt may be located on the labia minora (external surface of the vagina). There are always residues found in the intimate part, such as discharges, leucorrhea, blood and tissues. When the intimate part lacks of cleaning, dirt will always accumulate inside the vagina, sticking to the vaginal wall, spreading peculiar odours. In this case, girls need maintainence in their intimate part. We recommend to use vagina-specific caring milk, spray or washing liquid. Use a bottle of vaginal washing liquid every one to two months to balance the acidity (pH level) inside the vagina. The originally mild-acidic environment can be recovered while residues inside can be discharged effectively. A healthy vagina can be maintained. We can also make use of Relactagel Lactate Vaginal Gel at the same time to remove dirt while killing bacteria. Use the cleaning liquid to wash away dirt inside the vaginal first, then using Relactagel Lactate Vaginal Gel to remove external harmful bacteria, relieve itchiness and discomfort caused by peculiar odours. If girls are interested in these maintenance products, you can click the above photos of recommendation for more details about the discounts and methods of use. Use vaginal cleansing products for a fresh and clean vagina!

FAQs about cleansing products for intimate part

Q:Which products should I use to reduce peculiar odours?

A:To maintain proper hygiene in the intimate part, you can use cleansing liquid and spray. For customers' convenience, we have classified our products according to types of problem, such as odours and itchiness.

Q:Can I use different brands of products at the same time?

A:Different brands of products can be used at the same time. For example, Relactagel Lactate Vaginal Gel and cleansing liquid, Moist tissue and spray, probiotics and Inner Refreshing Gel. Every body is unique. Please refrain from using the products and seek medical advice if feeling unwell.

Q:Do we need to clean our intimate part before using the caring products?

A:If we do not clean our intimate parts well, there may be residues or dirt, which may lower the effects of the caring products. If the products are for cleansing, then no cleansing procedures need to be done.