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Pheromone Perfume

Pheromone perfumes increase your temptation and gives great impression to others unexpectedly.

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What is pheromone perfume?


Pheromone perfume is also known as flirting perfume. There are a lot of comments about pheromone perfume on the Internet: If I use this perfume, my crush would fall in love with me at once. He or she has no chance to escape from me. Actually, to gain true love, pheromone perfume is not the only factor. These comments only exaggerates the effect of pheromone perfumes.

In fact, pheromone perfume is a perfume that added a semiochemical "Pheromone" which is colourless and tasteless. After we spray pheromone perfume, the "Pheromone" can be spread, which helps you behind the curtain. The odour and pheromone help you attract others more easily. They will be closer to you, which is the first step to understand each other and spread love.


Temptation from recommended pheromone perfumes


When going on a date, apart from dressing up beautifully, we also need to have a nice odour, not too stinky or too fragrant. If the fragrance of the pheromone perfume is too strong, it would cause nausea and respiratory disease to others. For pheromone products made in Hong Kong, the unique fragrance and pheromone is suitable for different occasions. Choose suitable flavour to spread a unique charisma. Every second after you spray pheromone is a fragrant and surprising one. It makes you become special and tempting.

Are pheromone perfumes useful?

Many people are doubtful about whether these pheromone perfumes are effective or bluff. There are many online researches about pheromone perfumes. One of them, which is from a reproductive biology magazine, stated that if people wipe the discharges from men's armpit onto women's upper lips for up to six hours, women tend to be happier and more relaxed in different occasions. The factor behind this is the Androstanedione inside men's sweat, which can tempt ladies and help them become focused on the dating and the conversation, creating more romance. The same theory can be applied onto ladies. Ladies' sweat consists of much estratetraenol. Men who are exposed to estratetraenol tend to be more relaxed. They enjoy the vibe more easily and quickly, increasing their interest to chat with others. Therefore, we can attempt this shapeless temptation. Try to use female pheromone perfume to increase self-confidence and relax a bit. Upgrade yourself and generates a better impression for others in daily life.

Recommended products of pheromone perfumes


Among different pheromone perfumes, we must need to mention the most popular flirting pheromone perfume. Meanwhile, different types of pheromone perfume products, such as lip balm, aromatherapy, bodyspray, milk and aphrodisiac candles, are being launched in Hong Kong for you to show your sexiest and most tempting side. The design of recent products are even better. No matter where and which product you use, you can maintain your tempting and fragrant side. Use aromatherapy and milk products at home for a pale fragrance. Use a lip balm or a roller ball perfume to emphasize the fragrance. Candles for massage can enhance interactions between a pair of couple. Gently apply onto the body and massage slowly to enjoy better sensations.


We provide samples of different pheromone perfumes in our stores for you to experience and feel the fragrance of different male and female pheromone perfumes. Choose your favourite fragrance and dress up uniquely to enhance your elegance.

FAQs about the use of pheromone perfumes

Q:How can I classify male and female pheromone perfumes?

A:We have done it for you. Our products are classified as male perfumes, female perfumes and neutral perfumes. We have added "M or males" and "For females" after the product name. For neutral perfumes, there is no specific indication. We hope to bring greatest convenience for every customer.

Q:How do I choose my favourite pheromone perfume?

A:We welcome everybody to visit our stores in Hong Kong to try out our pheromone perfumes and choose your favourite and suitable perfumes. You can ask our staff or send a message to our Whatsapp for enquiries.

Q:Is there any side effect?

A:There are no side effects of using pheromone perfumes. No harm will be done to the body. If you have skin allergy, you can try spraying perfume onto the back of the hand to test whether there is allergic reaction.