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When facing the above symptoms of vaginitis, please seek medical advice as soon as possible, and refrain from indiscriminate self-prescription and self-medication, to ensure that you are using the right antidote. So, how can ladies prevent the relapse of three types of vaginitis?

1. Antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis

To treat bacterial vaginosis, girls mainly have to maintain the original acidity (pH value) in the intimate part. Thus, girls can use vaginal cleansing products such as vaginal suppositories, which not only helps cleaning, but also provides great care for sensitive parts in the vagina, effectively preventing vaginitis.


2. Anti-biotics for monilial / vulvovaginal vaginitis

One of the reasons for vaginitis is low immunity and bad daily habits, increasing quantity of harmful bacteria in the intimate parts while destroying probiotics. Applying supplements and suppositories can increase the quantity of probiotics and defend the intimate part from harmful bacteria, preventing vaginitis.


3. Anti-biotics for trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease. Ladies have to bring their partner along to receive detailed checking and find out the underlying cause of vaginitis so as to receive the best treatment for vaginitis. Having safe sexual intercourse and maintaining hygienic intimate part in daily life is the key to prevent relapse of vaginitis.

Cause, Symptoms & Recommended Medicines of Vaginitis

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FAQs by Hong Kong Ladies:

Q:Which is the most common type of vaginitis?

A:About 40% to 50% of the patients suffer from bacterial vaginitis (BV), which is the most common type. Among them, around 50% to 75% do not have any symptoms of vaginitis. Ladies are recommended to take great care of their intimate part to prevent such symptoms.

Q:Can my intimate part fully recover itself from vaginitis?

A:The best way to treat vaginitis is to seek medical advice and find out the cause of vaginitis. Upon correct diagnosis, doctors can prescribe appropriate suppositories, pastes or pills. If the symptoms do not get any better after treatment, it is recommended to revisit the doctor for further consultations and diagnosis to see if there is a need to change medicine.

Q:Can I treat vulvavaginal vaginitis by eating yogurt?

A:Some girls believe that eating yogurt cures vulvavaginal vaginitis because it contains lactobacillus. Yet, the above belief is not based on fact. There is no evidence suggests that yogurt is able to treat vulvavaginal vaginitis or prevent it effectively.