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Shunga Massage Candle Chocolate

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This is a massage candle with Japanese traditional picture. The scent of the candle will remind you of the Japanese history, it is deep but not heavy. Relaxing and reduce our stress. The melted wax will become warm massage oil, massage gently to relax and smooth the skin of your partner, and enjoy an excellent night together.

- Olfactory & Auditory & Visual Delight

- Burns for up to 7 hours

- Aphrodisiac

- Elegant chocolate


Capacity:30ml (Burns for about 7 hours)  

Instructions:Light the candle and let it burn for about 20 minutes. Extinguish the flame and pour a small quantity in the palm of your hand. Apply freely all over the body for a sensual massage.

Canadian Brand
Made in Canada
Shunga Massage Candle
每一件貨品就好像你一樣都是獨特的,而且沒有任何可以替代。如果你想找到同你一樣特別的貨品 Shunga Massage Candle Chocolate 絕對適合你。

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