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Bijoux Indiscrets Strawberry Bubble Gum

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The combination of strawberries and the scent of bubble gum is the first choice of sweet beauties. Body spray is alcohol-free, mild and non-irritating. The appearance is a mixture of gold and pink, combined with the classic hand pump is really elegant and energetic.  


The difference between perfume and body spray?

Both of them can give our body an agreeable scent and get rid of body odour, but perfumes have more alcohol than body sprays, so the scent of perfumes can be last longer. Correspondingly, body sprays are alcohol-free so they are more mild, and also decrease the probability of allergy. Also, body sprays can be used for hair or clothes, or even you can use body sprays as air fresheners, giving your body an refreshing scent and relaxing yourself at the same time.


 -  Alcohol-free, applicable to whole body (including intimate part) 

 - Combination of strawberries and the scent of bubble gum, improve your attractiveness

 - Use with your partner, create a romantic atmosphere 

 - Elegant & Gorgeous, nice choice for gift giving or personal use 



Bijoux indiscrets

Strawberry Bubblegum Body Mist 

Spanish Brand 

Bijoux Indiscrets Strawberry Bubble Gum會令你開心嗎? 它會令你得到最好的幫助?你試過就會很清楚。

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