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Dona Women's Pheromone Perfume Too Fabulous

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Wanna improve your attractiveness? Why don't spraying Dona Women's Pheromone Perfume Too Fabulous? Spray it to create an atmosphere of love and make an unforgettable impression on men.


 - Infused with synthetic pheromones to boost desirability

 - Sweet fruity scent

 - No hormones or animal byproducts



Top notes: Red Berries, Dragon fruit, Honeysuckle

Middle notes: Jasmine, Coconut Water, Orange Blossom

Base notes:Vanilla, Driftwood, Musk

Can spray on:

 - Vein

 - Neck

 - Chest

 - Waist

 - Belly

The perfume will combine with your body scent and create an attractive abd unique fragrance for you. Avoid spraying on armpit or crotch.





Dona Pheromone Perfume Too Fabulous

American Brand

Made in USA

Dona Women's Pheromone Perfume Too Fabulous 絕對是適合你的獨特氣味、獨特感覺,我相信你一定會喜歡。

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