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PM Care HK

EOL After Dark Pheromone Perfume (Women)

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 Actually EOL After Dark Pheromone Perfume is evocative from the beginning, it can enrich your emotion and warm you. The bright golden bottle is eye-catching and shows the inner brilliance of every lady.


- Infused with synthetic pheromones to boost desirability

- Fresh floral scent

- Contain high-purity pheromone essence



Top notes:Grapefruit, Lily, Galbanum Oil

Middle notes:Jasmine, White Chocolate

Base notes:Vanilla, Costus Root, Ambergis


Can spray on:

 - Vein

 - Neck

 - Chest

 - Waist

 - Belly

The perfume will combine with your body scent and create an attractive abd unique fragrance for you. Avoid spraying on armpit or crotch.




Eye of the Love

After Dark

Pheromones Perfume

American Brand 


EOL After Dark Pheromone Perfume (Women) 絕對是適合你的獨特氣味、獨特感覺,我相信你一定會喜歡。

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