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PM Care HK

Lactacyd Protezione E Delicatezza 300ml

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Have you clean your intimate part during bath regularly? However, the common body wash may not suitable for intimate part, you should use the product that the pH is close to vaginal pH. Lactacyd Protezione E Delicatezza is specially designed for ladies, which is mild and contain thyme extract, and also free of artificial flavors. The pH of the product is 3.5, which can maintain vaginal pH balance, and suppress bad bacteria and candida, maintain vaginal health.


Suppress bad bacteria and candida

- pH is 3.5, maintain vaginal pH balance

Apply on vulva daily

- Mild formula



Squeeze out a small amount of the product during bath, and smear around the vagina, then rinse thoroughly.





protezione e delicatezza - 300ml

French Brand


Friendly Reminder:

- This product should be stored in a cool and dry place. Please do not store it in a high-temperature or damp place.

- Keep Out of Reach of Children.

- Everyone's body is different, you can consult a doctor before use. If you feel unwell after using this product, please stop using the product immediately and seek medical advice.p>

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