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Nomi Tang Kegel Exercise Balls

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The muscle of vagina is same with other muscles, will lose elasticity as ageing, childbirth or excessive sex. The middle-aged ladies have no experience of childbirth may also face vaginal relaxation.>



1. Better sex life

A tight vagina is able to enhance the pleasure of sex for you and your partner.  

2. Remove vaginal odour

Bacteria infection is one of the reason of vaginal odour, tightening the vagina is able to remove vaginal odour effectively. 

3. Prevent urinary incontinence

After the vagina lost elasicity, laughing or relaxing may cause urinary incontinence, but you can tighten the vagina to prevent that.


- Prevent Urinary Incontinence & Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)

- Training regularly can tighten the vagina

- FDA approved silicone

- Suitable for asian ladies


Generation 2

Better weight training than Generation 1! Suitable for the ladies who want to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor. Also, the ladies who have gave natural birth or facing vaginal relaxation or urinary uncontinence are also need to use the kegel exercise balls. Nomi Tang Kegel Exercise Balls Plus is the advanced Kegel Exercise Balls!


You just need to insert the pleasure balls into the vagina and exercise 30 minutes daily (Simple exercise such as doing housework is enough). A ball inside the pleasure balls will bump your vagina and tighten the vagina gradually.。


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German Brand

Made in Germany

Intimate Nomi Tang



會幫到你嗎? Nomi Tang Kegel Exercise Balls 能夠滿足你的問題。

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