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Ouch! Massage Candle Set 3 Pieces

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There are 3 sensuous scents within Ouch! Massage Candle Set 3 Pieces, to create a sensual atmosphere for your partner and you. Light the candle, let the aphrodisiac scent fill your bedroom. The melted wax will change into massage oil, and just enjoy a warm and relaxing massage with your partner.

- Warm massage oil

- 46℃ - Harmless

- Light & Scent & Massage

- 3 sensuous scents - Pheromone, Vanilla & Rose


Ingredient:Soy Wax, Coconut Wax, Essential Oil

Instructions:Just light the candle for 10 to 15 minutes to create a sensual mood and then massage your partner to paradise!

Capacity:60g / Candle



Massage Candle Set - Pheromone, Vanilla & Rose Scented

Dutch Brand

Made in Germany

你會為此感到滿足嗎? 可能你一試就會難忙,快來試試Ouch! Massage Candle Set 3 Pieces。

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