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Summer's Eve Tahitian Sunset Freshening Spray

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We put antiperspirants on the skin under arms to prevent body odour, but not only armpits, we also need to prevent vaginal odour. In summer, after exercise or during menstrual period, we sweat a lot and cause vaginal odour easily. That's why you need Summer's Eve Freshening Spray. Hygienic & Refreshing. Gynecologist tested. For daily use. Maintain vaginal pH balance. Prevent vaginal odour.


- Neutralize peculiar odour

- Maintain pH balance

- Free of talcum powder

- Clinical Tested



Use daily, or as a quick refresher. Shake well, remove cap. Hold can at least 8 inches away and spray external vaginal area. For extra freshness, spray panties and feminine liners. Repeat as needed to feel shower-fresh all day long




American Brand

Summer’s eve

5 in 1 spray

Summer's Eve Tahitian Sunset Freshening Spray 絕對是適合你的獨特氣味、獨特感覺,我相信你一定會喜歡。

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