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Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths Island Splash

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We will put a pack of wipes in our bag for cleaning or sterilization, and our intimate part also need its own wipes. The cleansing cloths of Summer's Eve are convenient to your daily life. You can use the wipes after using restroom or exercise, or during menstrual period. The wipes are able to kill bacteria and prevent vaginal odour. Comfortable & Refreshing.


The situation that bacterial infections may occur﹕

- Restroom﹕
There are numerous bacteria in the restroom such as unclean tissues

- During menstrual period﹕
Mandatory pad is the breeding ground of bacteria

- Damp weather in Summer﹕
Bacteria and mould are growing very fast in damp weather than cause vaginal infections or odour

- After going swimming pool or hot spring﹕
The water of pool or hot spring is unclean

- Dryness﹕
Sometimes the intimate part is dry?

- Excrete in the great outdoors﹕
It is difficult to find a restroom in the countryside such as going camping. Using cleansing cloths is hygienic



Unfold cloth and gently wipe from front to back.


Capacity:14 pcs / pack


American Brand

Made in USA

Summer's Eve

Cleansing Cloths

Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths Island Splash 絕對是適合你的獨特氣味、獨特感覺,我相信你一定會喜歡。

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