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PM Care HK

Super Cool Refreshing Honey Powder

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Super Cool Refreshing Honey Powder can mix with hot water and transform into massage oil for you to give a comfortable massage to your partner.

- Become massage oil after melting
- Easy to melt
- Similar with Japanese massage oil


Fill the bath with 150-200 liters of warm water, 1.1 oz (30 g) of 1.2 oz (150-200 L) of warm water. Please wait about 5 minutes before bathing.
If the filler ingredients are sediment, please stir again well and blend the whole loss. The loose ingredients may float white. Stir well and take a bath.

Japanese Brand

Honey Powder
人生太短,如果沒有Super Cool Refreshing Honey Powder 會快樂嗎? 做人最緊要開心、滿足。

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