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Svakom Nova Exercise Ball (Purple)

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The muscle of vagina is same with other muscles, will lose elasticity as ageing, childbirth or excessive sex. The middle-aged ladies have no experience of childbirth may also face vaginal relaxation. Kegel balls are able to train the perineum muscle and strengthen PC muscles. Tighten the vagina and prevent and reduce urinary incontinence

Tighten the vagina
The exercise ball contains a little lead ball, which will vibrate when you are moving. The vibration is able to tighten the vagina.
3 gradual increased weights for different exercise needs.
3 different weight, 49g、75g、95g
- High-quality silicone. Comfortable & Skincare.
- Hygienic & Well design
Made from green materials
100% Waterproof
Weight :95g、 75g、49g


- Use sanitizer or toy cleaner to sterilize the exercise ball before use.
- Use the exercise ball with a water-base lubricant. Lie and relax before you insert the exercise ball into the vagina.
- Use it daily and exercise at least 30 minutes.
- Also sterilize the exercise ball after use.
American Brand
Made in China
Svakom Nova

你可能不曾想過有這款產品,但當你使用Svakom Nova Exercise Ball (Purple) 後可能就會覺得沒有了它就會感覺很麻煩。

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