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PM Care HK

SVAKOM Nova Balls

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The muscle of vagina is same with other muscles, will lose elasticity as ageing, childbirth or excessive sex. The middle-aged ladies have no experience of childbirth may also face vaginal relaxation. SVAKOM Nova Balls are able to train perineum muscle and strengthen PC muscle. Tighten the vagina and increase the sensitivity of vagina. To achieve orgasm easily.



1. Better sex life

A tight vagina is able to enhance the pleasure of sex for you and your partner.

2. Remove vaginal odour

Bacteria infection is one of the reason of vaginal odour, tightening the vagina is able to remove vaginal odour effectively.


- Prevent vaginal relaxation after childbirth

- Strengthen PC muscle

- Increase the sensitivity of intimate part

- Prevent and reduce urinary incontinence


SVAKOM Nova Balls are suitable for the following ladies

1. Normal ladies﹕

The ladies who are facing vaginal relaxation.


2. Sedentary office ladies:

The ladies who are lack of exercise and facing muscle aging.


3.  Postpartum mothers:

No matter which type of delivery is chosen, the physical and mental change during pregnancy will change the status of vagina. Urinary incontinence is an obsession of some ladies after childbirth.


4.  After menopause﹕

Ageing process will cause vaginal relaxation or even gynecological diseases.



You just need to insert the exercise balls into the vagina and exercise 30 minutes daily (Simple exercise such as doing housework is enough). A lead ball inside the exercise balls will bump your vagina and tighten the vagina gradually.


Friendly Reminders:

- This product should be stored in a cool and dry place. Please do not store it in a high-temperature or damp place.

- Keep Out of Reach of Children.

- Everyone's body is different, you can consult a doctor before use. If you feel unwell after using this product, please stop using the product immediately and seek medical advice.

- It may cause vaginal relaxation if there is no lubrication.


Do not use the Kegel Weights during pregnancy or during your period. Also the patient of gynecological infections, the ladies who got abortion within 30 days or the ladies who gave birth within 3 months please do not use the Kegel Weights as well.

SVAKOM Nova Balls會令你開心嗎? 它會令你得到最好的幫助?你試過就會很清楚。

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